Purchase, sale and storage of investment coins made of precious metals
  • ABOUT GOLDAO: we buy investment coins from banks, sell them on the free market, and provide their safe storage in the depository
  • Holders: buy investment coins, place them in the GOLDAO depository and receive income from 6% per annum
  • Users: secure mutual settlements with the use of investment coins and commissions from 0,5%
Investment coins made of precious metals
Wiener Philharmoniker
Issuing country: Austria
Weight: 1 OZ
Standard: 999
Issuing country: RSA
Weight: 1 OZ
Standard: 999
Issuing country: Canada
Weight: 1 OZ
Standard: 999
Issuing country: Australien
Weight: 1 OZ
Standard: 999
Investment coins with incomefrom6%annual
Buy investment coins
Place investment coins
Get income from 0,5% per month
Documenting transactions
  • Buying Coins: We sign a purchase and sale agreement for coins
  • Coin Placement: We sign a commodity loan agreement
Terms and Conditions
  • The minimum storage period for coins is 3 months with a possible agreement extension
  • All settlements are carried out in cashless form
  • The coins are stored in a secure and insured vault (bank cell)
  • The return of coins from the depository with transfer to the holder is carried out within 48 hours
  • "GOLDAO guarantees the repurchase of coins at a holder's request"
Monetary note – saving up to 20% on the purchase of coins made of precious metals
A Monetary note is a legal document that authorizes a bearer to receive and an issuing company to transfer investment coins made of precious metals
The value of investment coins is formed from (gold value) + (premium).\n A client pays the cost of gold in coins, and pays the premium when they are\n physically received at the company's office
Application of Monetary notes
Investment coins exchange
Exchange for real money
Exchange for goods/services, and mutual settlements
Buy Monetary notes backed by precious metals of investment coins to protect against inflation or use them for mutual settlements
Advantages of gold and investment coins
Why gold?
Gold is money. Everything else is credit. (J.P. Morgan, 1912)
The traditional form of moneyGold is the most liquid commodity that has been used as money for thousands of years and still does so
Inflation protectionBuying gold or other precious metals (silver, platinum) provides protection against inflation
Why investment coins?
Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world (A. Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve System from 1987 to 2006)
High liquidityCoins can be quickly sold on the free market in 50+ countries
Easy useCoins can simply be transferred to third parties or used for mutual settlements
LogisticsCoins can be easily transported
LegislationCoins are property, in most countries they are exempt from VAT and can be used as a means of payment
Why do customers and partners trust us?"
We buy investment coins made of precious metals exclusively from banks or certified sellers and guarantee the authenticity for our customers
A depository is a place of coins physical storage provided to us by banks (for example, cells) and certified, specialized storages – a guarantee of the coin storage security",
Monetary notes and other documents are protected using cryptographic technology and digital signature – guarantee of authenticity of documentation
All settlements are made in non-cash form after the conclusion of legally significant contracts between the company and customers - a guarantee of legal and financial security